Tuesday, January 26, 2010


why isn't every claim true or false based simply on an analysis of its terms ... so s is p you say ...well just give me a full analysis of s and p and we'll see by comparison at a glance if the claim is true or false ... the balance is either precise and exact or it collapses beyond the province of the truth ... and isn't that the definition of truth ... everything everywhere in balance with everything else everywhere through all time through all space ... stasis supreme ... reality complete ... quick take a picture before it moves and someone somewhere is forced to tell a lie ... well maybe ... but ask yourself is there anything wrong with this four dimensional picture of everything from start to finish ... what about motion for instance ... doesn't it disappear when as here shutter speed hits infinity ... or cause and effect ... who needs that now when everything is explained by its grid coordinates ... or relation itself ... what does that mean when it's lost its wiggle room ... how can the relative be absolute and not evaporate ... what are we missing ... what have we lost ... wait ... is it life

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