Thursday, January 28, 2010


we usually think we have plenty of time until we get old ... but truth to tell even then ... plenty of time before the crunch ... bozo puts a lit match in an open ashtray an inch below some overhanging papers belonging to odo when odo is in the room next door ... and the library and odo but not bozo go up in flames ... and one of the books burnt with most of the others beyond even a fine grey ash the heat is so intense is a book on predicables properties and accidents ... odo can read that book as when it was new now that he's not with bozo who can't ... now each letter in the book delights his eye with unexpected and playful color ... a kaleidoscopic symphony of meaning tripping across the surface of each word he reads ... what were once sudden or terrifying clusters of light and heat are now joyfully natural and proper to his understanding ... what sang and seduced or then popped and burst an eardrum is now the word of wisdom fitting and proper to his soul ... so odo is now in essence and can predicate a property while bozo fumbles

for bozo and odo see kreeft logic x.3

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