Wednesday, January 27, 2010


which is life ... is it a puzzle or maze that we figure out ... or mountain we struggle against something that by will we climb ... is it an answer or an achievement ... now don't tell me both ... I'm not trying to be real here ... I'm just trying to provoke a new opinion ... possibly a new ideal ... or more likely reveal a new aspect of an old ideal ... is it the heart or the head that's the best place to live your life ... which of the two should you let rule ... well suppose it's the head ... how could that be ... why should it be ... we're talking human life here ... at the least animal life and animal hatred and affection ... at most angelic aspiration ... love ... and all that range is a matter of the heart ... yes is my reply but a little hatred and little enough love ... we have within us an impulse which says if we only had more understanding there would be less hate and more love ... I agree with that impulse ... and I'd go further and say all hatred and a lot of accidents proceed from a lack of understanding ... and further still to say understanding is that which first makes us human ... more than judgment more than reason ... because it's first

cf kreeft logic, x.3

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