Thursday, January 14, 2010


what am I to adam or what's he to me ... what's what he did have to do with me ... or what I do now or hereafter anything to do with him ... our relation is as tenuous as the claims for his existence ... as the claims for heritable guilt ... as the concept of a moral dna ... how can one drop dye an ocean or one sin influence untold degrees of separation ... how can the relation between adam and his descendents be causal and anything more than accidental ... unless adam is unlike any other man ... any man a son ... any daughter ... and his power if causal somehow is essential ... and how can that be ... unless the cause traveling through essence through the nature of humanity becomes necessary by way of definition ... by way of identity ... I'm the bearer of adam's one sin willful disobedience to god because I am adam ... because I am human ... have his nature ... share his essence ... well I might reply so much for metaphysics and terms of necessity and essence if they lead to such absurdity ... if the absurd in this case didn't make sense I older than ten older than seven ... don't I know I've already committed adam's sin

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