Friday, January 22, 2010


some people say the greatest wonder of all is that there is anything at all ... well I suppose ... but what if it all just suddenly went out as if the universe were the last candle in a multiversal chandelier that's already dissolved ... the last candle before the final actual night ... nothing at all ... no god no creation not even the possibility of either ... all the god and all the creation remaining till then wouldn't seem to amount to much without the guarantee that they'll still be around tomorrow whatever day you happen to wake up ... the wonder then doesn't seem to be existence but continued existence ... not now but now not worried about later or hung up in the past as if a pedigree were a guarantee ... not impulse or desire or will ... nor longevity if it comes to an end ... nor steadiness if it peters out ... not the validity of a moment or the verification of a lifetime ... nor the enthusiasm of any particular insight ... but the absolute conquest of time and space ... especially time ... so that there should be no claim but this claim ... not was or will be but am always

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